Thursday, May 26, 2016

Clinton and Trump the unequivocal Constitutional Right to Life of the Unborn

Excerpted Book found on Priests for Life! Easy to go to the source. Copy web address, paste in address bar, go to site, click on file, print preview, print as pdf (download Adobe reader if you haven't already). Voila! STUDY. Of course it would be much easier for congress to simply make it illegal. Get to work! Join pro-life organizations and sign the petitions, call and write the lawmakers and tell the SCOTUS that they do not have the constitutional right to change the definition of said constitution!


The Constitutional Challenge to Roe v. Wade
by Fr. Clifford Stevens
The constitutional issues raised by Roe v. Wade have never had, a public airing and the public debate on the subject has turned on philosophical rather than legal issues. This study attempts to bring into focus some of the constitutional issues involved, but by no means exhausts them. it is merely an overview of a totally new development in constitutional law, a development that could be labeled embryonic law.
That development was opened by the Roe v. Wade decision, as the issue of civil rights was opened by Plessy v. Ferguson, workers' rights by Lochner v. New York, and children's rights by Hammer v. Dagenhart.
The question now before the judiciary is the rights of the unborn, and this study links the question of the unborn with major constitutional issues of the past, setting the stage for the emergence of Embryonic Law. I am convinced that any future public discussion of the subject must face squarely the constitutional questions. A few of these questions are highlighted in this book.

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