Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What can we do?

Studying "Be Joyful" by Warren W Wiersbe and in it he writes about Philippians. The basis of our joy is knowing the Truth. Psychology mimics these truths but distorts them into images of ourselves as opposed to the Truth (God). Cognitive therapy is about what you know about life. Well, won't work if you don't know or recognize Truth and today's philosophers do not believe in an absolute truth. They have contaminated our culture.

Wiersbe quotes Dr J H Howey who said "Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing." Our eternal life was costly. God asks us to do as He did. So ask Him, what do we need to do to stop child sacrifice? What can one voice do? Have we heard any news about the sale of child body parts this week? No. Do the news outlets put light on our national abomination? No.

I was thinking of painting on the rear window of my car "baby parts for sale at P.P." just to let everyone know what was going on. Then there is contacting the politicians or sacrificing and BECOMING a politician.

Speaking of politics. Interestingly, Wiersbe mentions that sacrifice is the most important factor in communism. Those who have infiltrated our government, schools, and neighborhoods are singleminded and willing to sacrifice. Then I wondered what psych principles communism and Islam have in common. Especially after watching videos or jihad camp run by the UNITED NATIONS and we all know about false martyrdom.

So, ask the King of the ages what He wants you to do. I am going to clean up the graphics and email it to people. You'll see the new version by tomorrow, Lord willing.

Have a blessed day, and pray for those in authority who know not what they do.

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