Saturday, February 21, 2009

My ex called me a Christian Taliban. It was quite a while ago, but this morning I thought how ironic. The extreme follower of Muhammad will behead, while I, a follower of Jesus, believe those beheaded during the tribulation are the first (and only) people resurrected upon His return as Messiah King of Kings.

Anyway, that lead me to this:

Ironic that an anti-God society of the selfish would vote in a person who wants to enforce an early Christian church, Holy Spirit based phenomenon.

The socialists force a group of people to hand over their wealth, land, property, and their lives, their future, and their families, born and unborn, to those in power (who become mega-rich and powerful), causing the group to become slave in despair, as opposed to the early Spirit-filled Church, where those who were called by a loving God, gave it all willingly, singing praises of glory and hope in overwhelming joy, but if done in partiality and with deceit, would be killed.

I wonder how the libs would feel if they knew.

I also think that when Messhiah rules and children are again considered a great Blessing, the population of the world could very well reach a trillion. What a wonderful place! (Remember the curse upon the animals is lifted) Listen for giggles, watch for playgrounds, parks, schools, homes, singing, dancing, parties.