Monday, April 25, 2005

Old Testament death penalty

I often wonder about the death penalty. This morning I was thinking about Holy Father-love and how God ordered us to stone those who broke His law. He did it so that only those in true rebellion , willing to die so they could have this pleasure, be sentenced to death, for those who follow blindly, like sheep would be less likely to follow down the wrong path if the price was too high. But we are like sheep and follow the wrong people , especially when everyone echos satan and says, its okay, it doesn't hurt anyone. The problem is everyone gets hurt. The person doing it, the people around them. Saying no one will get hurt is a lie. When Jesus rules, those willing to die, not repentant, will also die. When He comes back with His words He will condemn those who have followed the anti-christ to death. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS WILL DIE. And there will be an annual remembrance, so that those born after will know what happened. The truth of consequences will be told, everyone will know. And there will be peace. Just like the angels said there would be on the night He was born. When He rules the world there will be peace on the whole earth. Because everyone on earth will know the rules and be following the same rules.