Friday, February 25, 2005

John the Baptist's vision

This is an ongoing study, so you may have to go back and read previous posts

Where was I? Oh! John's vision. Go to Matthew and read chapters 1 thru 3. John had obviously seen the wrath to come. He saw the axe laid at the root of the trees. when that happened is not the question. His description of Jesus, with winnowing fork in hand, ready to clear His threshing floor, to gather His wheat and BURN UP THE CHAFF. I believe that when John asked Jesus if He was the Messiah, he did so because Jesus, his meek and gentle cousin, was not like the Messiah he saw in his visions. John saw the wrath of God and went out to warn everyone of what was to come. Like those in the film of the recently found camera of a victim of the tsunami...people will just look and get closer and have no clue of what is coming... unless those of us who know about the just wrath of God the Father and His Son, scream and warn them.

Now I know why preachers yell. besides trying to keep their sheep awake.

In fact, I've heard Jesus mentioned hell and judgment more than heaven. He didn't want to have to send anyone to hell because they didn't know about it. Especially since it is His responsibility as advocate the justice.

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