Friday, February 25, 2005


It was suggested that I "be very careful to balance the judgment and anger of God with the mercy and grace of God through the cross." So, I began to wonder if I had not mentioned enough about God's love in my study, and to wonder about Holy Father-love. The church family is extended as all gentiles are adopted children of God. If I had a little adopted brother and he was in the garage of his new house, my only house, playing with our dad's welding equipment, I would certainly warn him to stop what he was doing immediately since I know my dad's reaction would not be pleasant, and he would get his butt whipped. Now, why would my dad punish him? BECAUSE HE LOVES HIM.

Since my original study did not go into Jesus's reactions, and Jesus' anger, as it is only mentioned a couple of times, I have decided to re-read the New Testament and let you know what I find.

This morning I read Matthew 11 & 12. You see, in the MJ (manasseh judgment...see below) I have said, "Like Father, like Son." Therefore, Matthew 12:18-21

"Behold, My Servant whom I have chosen'
My Beloved in whom My soul is well-pleasd;
I will put My Spirit upon Him,
And He shall proclaim justice to the Gentiles.
He will not quarrel, nor cry out;
Nor will anyone hear His voice in the streets.
A battered reed He will not Break off,
And a smoldering wick He will not put out,
Until He leads (puts forth) justice (judgment) to victory.
And in His name the Gentiles (Nations) will hope."

We always see how gentle Jesus is, meek and loving. But we don't see the end verses. He will not do a thing until He brings judgment or justice, to victory. That is balance. Jesus is not only meek and gentle. He is justice personified and He is the one coming on the white horse ready to carry out His Father's will and rule. When He comes back, He will look like the one John the Baptist saw in his vision. Later!

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